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Practicing Peace When the World Screams Otherwise
Silhouette of a heart in the sun representing God's love

The 12 Most Undervalued Verses About God’s Love

God’s love is one of those topics that has been over taught.  The verses that have been used to describe it have been over quoted.  Not that they shouldn’t be, don’t get me wrong.  But for many of us, we’ve grown numb to the information, not fully grasping it’s meaning within our hearts.

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Woman enjoying the outdoors at sunset

10 Ways to Find Joy in the Outdoors

God’s purpose in creating the earth, was as a gift to mankind, who He created for the purpose of glorifying Him.  He loved us, so that we would, in turn, love Him. And just like any gift that we receive from a loved one, we should cherish it, care for it, and enjoy it.

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Busy Waiting for Normal

Embrace crazy upheavals in your life.  Let God teach you through them.  Allow Him to provide for you through them.  Cling to Him and allow the intimacy and reliance on Him to grow.  God will not let it all go to waste. 

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