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Finding joy and contentment is not always easy. But God has given us a roadmap within his Word.  Join me as we dive into what He has to say and learn how to seek out that joy and contentment in all aspects of life.

Too Busy to Enjoy Life

What To Do When You’re Too Busy To Enjoy Life

I don’t care who you are, or what your current life stage is, you know what it means to be too busy.  When we crowd so many activities, people, and responsibilities into our lives, there is little time or energy left for any sort of joy.  Even those things that started out as fun, can choke the enjoyment out of life if we allow them. How can I stop being so busy in life?

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Contentment in life

3 Major Tricks to Finding Contentment in Life

A feeling of contentment is something we all desire, but sometimes seems impossible to find.  We all have to learn to be content in our circumstances.  And just when we think we’ve figured it out, life throws a curve ball that brings the discontentment once again. So, what’s the secret?  How do you live a contented life?

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Disappointed Woman

5 Questions to Ask Yourself in Disappointment

Disappointment is one of the most awful feelings in the whole world.  There is nothing worse than looking forward to something – an event, a gift, an outcome, and then having your hopes crumble before your eyes. So, what questions should we ask ourselves in order to examine our hearts when feeling disappointed?

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Multiple hands holding tiny plants in soil

Can You Find Joy in Patience?

“Don’t ever pray for patience!”  Right?  Isn’t that what everybody says?  Why do you suppose that is?  If the path to patience is so difficult, how in the world can there be joy?

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Woman in pink dress bending down to buckle pink heels

Can a Shoe Really Bring True Joy?

I have long been a shoe girl. For me, I just love the way they look.  I love the way my feet feel in them, the many changing designs that they produce, and the fact that I can dress them up for work, or down with a pair of jeans on the weekends. But shouldn’t so much joy be reserved for less materialistic things?

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Woman enjoying the outdoors at sunset

10 Ways to Find Joy in the Outdoors

God’s purpose in creating the earth, was as a gift to mankind, who He created for the purpose of glorifying Him.  He loved us, so that we would, in turn, love Him. And just like any gift that we receive from a loved one, we should cherish it, care for it, and enjoy it.

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People in line waiting for normal

Busy Waiting for Normal

Embrace crazy upheavals in your life.  Let God teach you through them.  Allow Him to provide for you through them.  Cling to Him and allow the intimacy and reliance on Him to grow.  God will not let it all go to waste. 

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