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God’s grace for the overwhelmed woman

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Woman suffering staring out the window

Your Suffering Explained

Suffering is really hard, and sometimes there is no way to make any sense of it. But God Himself is with you.  He is waiting, full of grace, to restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you in Christ Jesus. 

Woman with finger to her lips in an attempt to ignore sin

The One Sin You Ignore

Why is it that we ignore the sin that we don’t want to let go of? We cannot stick our heads in the sand.  Pretending to not be convicted of your sin is not the same as not being convicted.  Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

woman sitting by water learning to be still and trust in the lord

3 Crucial Reasons to Be Still

With so many of life’s demands vying for your attention every day, the idea of being still before God seems laughable.  In our fast paced, success driven American culture, sitting in silence feels like a waste of our time.  But it’s important.

Woman sitting on the couch with inner peace

3 Simple Strategies to Inner Peace

When searching for inner peace, these three simple strategies are the only tried and true methods that I have found that actually work.

Woman sitting on a cliff drinking out of a mug

7 Important Steps to Finding Yourself

The journey to self-discovery can be a grueling task of self-reflection and of developing self-awareness and can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  It can be fun and insightful.  Check out these seven steps that will help point you in the direction of self-introduction.

Sun shining through a flower's petals as a sign of God's hope

What does the Bible say about hope?

When people fail, hope is hard.  It is hard to see how God can fix an impossible situation.  But God is bigger than our own perspective. 

People in line waiting for normal

Busy Waiting for Normal

Embrace crazy upheavals in your life.  Let God teach you through them.  Allow Him to provide for you through them.  Cling to Him and allow the intimacy and reliance on Him to grow.  God will not let it all go to waste. 

Rotten Fruit of Unforgiveness

Wrestling with the Fruit of Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is one of the many dangerous seeds in life that has the potential of turning something as simple as a hurt feeling or an imposition into something nasty and damaging.

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